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Seventh Judicial
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Seventh Judicial Administrative District

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Superior Court Mediation

Applications for new mediators are NOW being accepted.  See HOME page for details.

What is Mediation?
"Mediation is an informal way for people to come together and talk through their conflict with the help of an impartial third party. During the mediation, each person has the opportunity to vocalize their issues and concerns surrounding the conflict. The mediator helps each person evaluate their needs and goals for reaching a solution. All decisions are made by the parties, not the mediator."

Time Involved
"Since each conflict is different, the length of time and number of sessions may vary by the complexity of the issues involved. The average mediation last 2-3 hours."

Attendance & Resolution
"Attendance is mandatory in most cases. Although the presence of an attorney may not be required, parties are encouraged to consult their attorneys throughout the process. The mediator will assist the parties in executing the necessary forms to complete the case. If an agreement is not reached, your case will continue through the normal judicial process. Although attendance is mandatory, resolution is not."

How to Select a Mediator
"The parties may select a mediator from the current directory of individuals certified by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Office. For a complete list of mediator names, find your county under "Select a Mediator" and click the link. All parties must agree on the mediator. If no such agreement can be reached, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Office will assign a mediator randomly."

How Much Will Mediation Cost?
"On average, mediators charge between $100 and $200 per hour. This cost is split equally between the plaintiff(s) and the defendant(s). Parties should be prepared to compensate the mediator at the ADR session. If a party feels that they cannot afford to pay for mediation, they may apply for a waiver of the mediator's fees. Applications for this waiver must be made through the ADR Office prior to the scheduled mediation. Click Here for Fee Waiver Form."

"Mediators shall keep confidential any information pertaining to the actual content of the case from anyone outside the ADR Session. The parties, court personnel or other observers are also bound by this high level of confidentiality. Procedural issues, however, may need clarification from the ADR office. "