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Seventh Judicial
Administrative District

S. Lark Ingram                   Jody Overcash                 Carrie Sims
District Administrative Judge           District Court Administrator            Administrative Assistant

Seventh Judicial Administrative District

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BAILIFF — a court officer responsible for maintaining order in the courtroom.

CLERK - a court employee responsible for maintaining permanent records of all court proceedings and exhibits; and administering the oath to jurors and witnesses.

COURT REPORTER — a court employee who steno graphically or by “voice writing” records court proceedings from which they prepare a transcript that becomes part of the record of the case.

DEFENDANT — in a criminal case, the person accused of committing the crime; in a civil case, the person against whom an action is brought.

GRAND JURY — a body of citizens who listen to the evidence in criminal cases to determine if probable cause exists to return indictments against the person accused of committing crimes.

JUDGE — a government official with the authority to decide lawsuits brought before the court.

JURY — persons selected according to the law and sworn inquire into and declare a verdict of the case.

PLAINTIFF — in a civil case, the person who brings a lawsuit.

PROSECUTOR — an elected or appointed official who brings criminal cases to court for the government.

PUBLIC DEFENDER — an attorney provided by the government to represent criminal defendants who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer.

VICTIM — a person who suffers physical injury, mental suffering, or loss of property because of an actual or attempted criminal act by another person.

WITNESS — a person who testifies under oath in a civil or criminal case as to what he or she knows or has observed.