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Judicially Hosted Settlement Conference



What is JHSC?


"A JHSC is a confidential, non-binding process in which a settlement judge acts as a neutral mediator/evaluator of the case.  Each side has the opportunity to present a brief summary of its evidence, legal theories and settlement desires."


What are the advantages of using JHSC?


By using a retired Superior Court Judge and a Settlement Conference, you gain:

  • Experience

  • Expertise

  • Insight


Your case can be expedited.

You will not be regulated to attend the Seventh District's mediation program if you use JHSC.


In a settlement conference the settlement judge facilitates the parties; efforts to negotiate a settlement.


Some settlement judges use mediation techniques in th esettlement conference to improve communication among the parties, probe barriers to settlement, and assist in formulating resolutions.  The parties are under no obligation to settle any matters at the settlement conference.


Click HERE to print the Judicially Hosted Settlement Conference Brochure



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